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Simplified Equity Release

I recently helped a lady exploring her options.


🏡Her idea was to release funds to gift to her son to reduce his mortgage even though he didn't need it as he could afford his mortgage.


💡 I explained the interest rate would be around 5.36%, and even though is a great rate fixed for life, if her son’s mortgage was at a lower rate and he could afford his repayments It would not make financial sense to do equity release.


🤝My commitment is to guide you honestly.

🚫If Equity Release isn't suitable for you, I'll tell you.


🌟If it is, I'll research the market for the most suitable plan tailored to your needs

Simplified Equity Release

If it doesn’t make financial sense for you, I’ll tell you.

Contact Lyn Palmer at Simplified Equity Release

07887 885182

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