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Client Review For Simplified Equity Release

I would highly recommend Lyn Palmer, she's really gone above and beyond in helping me and my parents with their refinancing, every step of the way she's made sure they were fully aware of the procedure in place. She's very warm and friendly, always on hand to help get the best out of what she's achieving for her customers. My mum is disabled and she was very scared and unsure of what was happening until Lyn came, made her fully aware and made sure she understood what she was signing for, any questions or concerns she had, there were dealt with fully to the best of Lyn's ability. She is a great lady, one of the best. All thanks to Lyn my mum and dad have peace of mind and now can live the rest of their lives knowing that everything is ok. Can't thank you enough Lyn, you really are a star. Please, please Lyn Palmer is the best, I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Client Review For Simplified Equity Release

Simplified Equity Release

If it doesn’t make financial sense for you, I’ll tell you.

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07887 885182

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