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Filey Bay – Filey Loop

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

The White Shire Walk

Filey loop walk.

Filey is a small town located on the coast of North Yorkshire, England. The history of Filey dates back to the Roman era, when a fort was built on the site of the current town. However, it wasn't until the 12th century that Filey began to develop as a settlement, when a small community grew up around a chapel dedicated to St. Oswald.

Filey remained a small fishing village for much of its history, but in the 19th century it began to develop as a seaside resort. The opening of the railway in 1846 made it easier for visitors to reach the town, and by the early 20th century it was a popular destination for holidaymakers.

During World War II, Filey was an important location for coastal defence, with anti-aircraft guns and searchlights stationed in the area. After the war, the town resumed its role as a holiday destination, and in recent years it has become known for its wildlife and natural beauty, with Filey Bay being a popular location for birdwatching.

Today, Filey is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors with its sandy beaches, picturesque scenery, and rich history. It remains a small town, but one with a long and fascinating past.

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