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Slaithewaite to Marsden canal walk

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

The White Shire Walk

Slaithewaite to Marsden canal walk.

The walk follows the Huddersfield Narrow Canal and offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. Along the way, you'll pass through several old mills and industrial buildings, as well as charming villages and towns.

The Standedge Canal Tunnel is one of the longest and deepest canal tunnels in the United Kingdom, and it's definitely worth a visit. The tunnel itself is over 3 miles long and passes through the Pennines, offering a unique and memorable experience.

The walk from Slaithwaite to the Standedge Canal Tunnel and back is approximately 10 miles long and can be completed in a day. It is mostly flat and easy to navigate, making it a great option for families and people of all ages.

If you're interested in doing this walk, I recommend starting in Slaithwaite and walking towards the Standedge Canal Tunnel. You can explore the tunnel and then make your way back to Slaithwaite along the same route.

Overall, the Slaithwaite to Standedge Canal Tunnel walk is a great way to explore the beauty of the West Yorkshire countryside and experience some of the region's industrial heritage.

Love a dark satanic mill !!

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